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Ahlum & Arbor Tree Preservation’s mulch has many benefits that can enhance the beauty of your landscape. Besides the aesthetic quality it provides, all of our mulch is natural hardwood from the trees we prune and cut down. As it decomposes, it provides nutrients back into the soil for the trees and plants to use and thrive on. All of our mulch is ground and aged to perfection.

At Ahlum & Arbor we offer the following varieties of bulk mulch:

Brown Hardwood Mulch – Our Brown Hardwood Mulch is a natural blend of hardwood material. This mulch gives your yard a natural look with the deep dark brown mulch color.

Dyed Black Mulch – Our Dyed Black Mulch is composed of the same blend as the Hardwood Mulch but colored black if you prefer darker mulch for your landscape.

Wood Chips – Our woodchips are a mix of various hardwoods.