Dormant Oil

After these long winter months consisting of short chilly days, we dream of the day we get to spend time outside with our perfectly blooming trees and shrubs. While they should be in peak condition, most trees and plants spend those months being harassed by pests.

A good way to ensure their vigor in those summer months is to plan ahead. Most people would not consider spraying trees and shrubs for pests in the dead of winter, but in reality, it is the best time to do so.

What is Dormant Oil?

One way to prepare for spring pests that is effective and environmentally safe is an oil application sprayed while plants are still dormant. This application is especially good for those weary about spraying chemicals in their yard.

Benefits of Dormant Oil

Even though most insects are vulnerable to insecticide, certain insects are less vulnerable at different stages of life. Scale insects are not vulnerable to insecticide sprays during most of their life cycle, but they are always vulnerable to an oil application. This is the perfect way to begin treatment for scale instead of waiting until they are harder to contain.

Targeting Capabilities

This oil application will also only affect the insects that are currently present. It will not affect the insects that eventually appear in the spring, which are beneficial to the plant or tree. This idea of targeting specific pests is present in all Ahlum & Arbor’s plant health care practices.

Downside to Dormant Oil

Although dormant oil applications are highly effective and environmentally friendly, there is a catch. The catch is that not all species of trees and shrubs are tolerant of this treatment. It is important to ask a certified arborist if your tree will tolerate an oil application. As with all things, trees and shrubs have their own unique qualities that require thorough assessment.

Contact Ahlum & Arbor today to schedule treatment for your trees and shrubs. Spring is right around the corner so we should not have to deal with the cold for much longer!