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Tree and Shrub Pruning

Great Trees Require Great Care


Magnificent mature trees have more often than not benefited from proper care, pruning and protection by conscientious caretakers. If you want to preserve mature trees and shrubs in your landscape or nurture younger plants to optimal beauty, pruning is an essential practice.

Ahlum & Arbor’s primary goal is always the safety of your trees. Pruning is one of the most important practices to ensure safety, but proper pruning also preserves and enhances the health, structure and natural beauty of your trees and shrubs.

Ahlum & Arbor’s Pruning services cover trees that are just planted that may need some minor corrections or structure fixed to mature trees that need to be maintained or possibly cabled to help preserve the mature beauty of the tree. We specialize in trees, but also take just as much care with the pruning of shrubs and hedges as well.

When needed, we also remove trees while still caring for your surrounding property. Our goal, when removing trees big or small is to do it in a way that we do not disturb or damage your property. We have specialized equipment and skilled climbers to prune or remove trees in all situations.

Proper care is an investment

Proper Care is an investment given the length of time it takes to grow replacement trees and shrubs. Some property owners with many trees prefer to have pruning completed annually; others may only need pruning every few years. The ISA Certified Arborists at Ahlum & Arbor can discuss options for your property and set the specific plan for your specific trees and plants.