Winter Storm Damage

As we move through the winter months, we hope that your trees and shrubs have been able to withstand the weather conditions. The winter will no doubt bring extreme conditions that create a lot of stress for trees. From heavy ice storms to large blankets of snow, there are numerous situations that can leave your trees and shrubs in bad shape.

With that being said, a tree with severe damage should be removed immediately if there is a high risk of it failing.

The goal of this article is to inform you on the potential damage winter storms cause, how to assess it, and when to recruit the help of a certified arborist.

Minor Storm Damage

Most often winter storms cause minor damage to trees and property. This includes small broken branches and twigs scattered throughout the yard. This damage requires minor cleanup. You should also considered corrective pruning to take out any dead and broken limbs in the canopy.

Major Storm Damage

In certain cases, winter storms can be far more severe. Heavy ice storms and strong winds can cause some serious damage to trees and the surrounding property. These situations include large broken branches, split crotches, removal of bark, and splitting of the trunk. These circumstances require the recruitment of a certified arborist to determine whether to remove a tree.

Serious damage from storms will more than likely require the use of heavy equipment and experienced climbers to prune large limbs high in the tree’s canopy.

The decision to remove the tree is dependent on each individual situation. The arborist will consider the structural integrity of the tree as well as the sentimental value the tree holds to its owner.

Large broken branches will be pruned away if the tree can be repaired. If necessary an arborist will recommend other treatments to improve the structure like cabling.

Hire A Professional

The big takeaway here is that each situation requires different needs. Knowing when to call a professional for help is key to preventing a hazardous situation.