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Time-Tested Tree & Plant Care

From regular tree pruning to expert witness services in court cases, we at Ahlum & Arbor use our 40 years of experience and our high-level expertise to offer unmatched quality. Take a look at our tree maintenance, plant care, consulting and sales offerings, and learn about the exceptional services we provide.

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We help our clients preserve their trees, maintain their properties and beautify their landscapes with our top-notch services and our renowned expertise.


Tree and shrub pruning and maintenance on a schedule that works for you

Plant Health Care

Inspection and care of your trees and plants, including fertilization and insect treatments


Sought-after expert services such as valuation, expert witness testimony & historic tree preservation


High-quality, natural hardwood mulch

Arboreal Insight

Further your own knowledge about the world of arboriculture and tree service with our resources, offering expert information on the topics we know so well. Check it out for how-to instructions, rundowns on important subjects in our industry, upcoming events and much more.

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Who We Are

What separates us from the competition? Easy: our people. The professionals who make up our team at Ahlum & Arbor have myriad credentials and certifications demonstrating their in-depth knowledge in the world of arboriculture, and many are recognized as some of the foremost experts in the field here in Central Ohio. We’ve been in business for more than 40 years, and for that entire time, we’ve focused on establishing ourselves as the absolute best in the business. Read all about our history and the people who make up our staff at Ahlum & Arbor to learn about our commitment to our craft. Or, if you’re looking to further your career in arboriculture, check out our Careers page to see how you might be able to contribute to our team.

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Who We Serve

At Ahlum & Arbor, we work with clients all throughout the Central Ohio area. Some of the areas we serve are:



Upper Arlington





New Albany

Grove City

& More…

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