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Fill out our “Get An Estimate” form or call 614-876-5622 to provide contact information and a few details about the trees in questions.

Ahlum & Arbor will contact you to set or confirm your appointment with one of our Certified Arborist.

Your Certified Arborist will visit the property to evaluate your trees and email you a copy of the estimate.

Review your estimate, if you are ready to proceed with the work, send a signed copy of the estimate by mail or email.

We will process the estimate and our production manager will schedule the work based on the optimal timing of each service.

If requested, we will contact you prior to when your Ahlum & Arbor crew is scheduled to complete the approved work.

The Ahlum & Arbor crew completes the work in accordance to the signed quote on the scheduled date.

Your Ahlum & Arbor crew will complete the approved work as specified in your work order.

Once a service has been completed, invoices are sent out based on your contact preference. You can pay your invoice in multiple ways, including our client portal listed on our website.

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