Tree Consulting & Evaluation

Valuation, Preservation & Expert Witness Services

Important job? They call us! Ahlum & Arbor Tree Preservation’s Chris Ahlum and Will King are routinely called upon for consulting on the most challenging tree valuation, care and protection situations.

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Our Specialized Arboriculture Consulting Services

No matter what your tree-related needs, our credentialed experts have the skills and the know-how to guide you through them. During a consultation, our Registered Consulting Arborists will work with you on your most challenging tree issues to help you solve them.


We offer tree preservation practices for specimen or historical trees, urban trees, and wooded areas. Practices include developing a plan that may include cabling and bracing, lightning protection, root zone delineation for protection, and aeration. These services are valuable for developers, homebuyers, homeowners considering remodeling and more.


We perform valuation and appraisal services for insurance, replacement, right-of-way, property trespass and property valuations.

Expert Witness

If you need someone to testify in an expert capacity on the subject of trees, Ahlum & Arbor can help. Our consulting professionals can serve as expert witnesses in court cases.


We’ll help put together a plan, then put it into action to protect existing trees during construction. We can also work to protect root zones during construction or renovation projects.

Hazardous Tree Evaluation

We can detect decay through use of the resistance drill measurement device. This precise needle drill device allows us to perform very exact interior evaluations.

Additional Services

Among the other services we can bring to a job are:

  • Tree inventory using GIS mapping for management and maintenance purposes
  • Tree risk assessment
  • Tree removal requiring use of a crane
  • Recommendations of appropriate tree species for your specific landscape

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