Recommended Spring Treatments

What you need to know to get ready for spring

While spring seems far away, it’s important to stay on top of your tree and shrubs’ care and begin thinking about their spring treatments. At Ahlum & Arbor there are three main services we recommend to get your landscape ready for spring!


Most of these sprays are preventative, making it essential that we identify the need for a fungicide early on. Fungicides will help prevent and treat fungal diseases on leaves of your trees and shrubs. If untreated, fungal spores can become prominent and greatly damage their lifespan and health.

Cedar-Apple Rust: James Chatfield, Ohio State University,

Spring Soil Systemics

This is an insecticide soil injection that is injected near the trunk of trees or at the base of shrubs. Soil systemics can provide protection for your trees and shrubs as well as target a wide range of insects that may cause damage. 

Boxwood leafminer, psyllid, and bronze birch borer are just a few of the pests that can target your plants and damage their health. The boxwood leafminer’s larvae can easily withstand the trials of winter, causing issues for your plants year round.

The bronze birch borer can be spotted by the holes they make in the trunk of trees. Most commonly they attack white birches.

Damage from borer pests can be seen by the exposed ridges in the bark.

Spring Fertilizations

This is a soil injected slow release fertilizer that is injected under the canopy of trees we want to target. It provides more nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium in the soil, essential elements for growth and health.

The necessity for fertilizations can be determined by analyzing the new growth from the previous year. If your tree’s growth isn’t as advanced as it should be, or if it is struggling, a fertilization might be just the thing it needs.

Ahlum & Arbor team member performing a fertilization treatment.

If these treatments don’t sound like the right fit, give us a call and we’ll have an arborist come out to inspect your trees and shrubs!