Root Aeration

What Is Root Aeration And How Can It Help Your Trees?

One of the most common, but rarely talked about, issues that trees deal with is soil compaction. Soil compaction is when extreme weight is put on the soil, like the use of construction equipment or heavy foot traffic.

Think about how heavy a bulldozer is; it’s clear the weight of large construction equipment would compact the soil. Foot traffic is a less obvious cause, but when soil is wet or muddy, foot traffic can cause a significant amount of compaction over an extended period of time.

Soil Compaction

When soil gets compacted, the soil pore spaces decrease. The smaller the pore space, the lower the amount of oxygen and water present and available for tree intake. This also creates a physical barrier for root expansion.

To counter the effects of soil compaction we can perform what is called ‘root aeration.’ The main goal of this service is to fracture the soil underneath the canopy of your tree using a supersonic air spade with a tow-behind air compressor.

Air spade tool used in root aeration.
Air spade tool used in root aeration.

This fracturing creates cracks beneath the soil and allows us to add organic matter into the holes created to encourage root growth away from the trunk. This service will create a significantly better environment for your tree to grow in.

Let’s Work Together To Help Your Tree Flourish

If you suspect an issue with soil compaction, reach out to us and we can help ensure a healthy growing environment for your trees.

Learn more about how to improve root health with our fact sheet that outlines the information and guidelines for pristine tree health under the soil.