Tree Structure

At Ahlum & Arbor, we know that reinforcing a tree’s structure can extend the life of the tree and increase safety. Tree cabling and bracing is an effective solution for a variety of tree concerns. Tree cabling helps support weak branch unions, improving the safety of your property and keeping your tree healthy. Tree bracing provides a rigid support for weaker, unstable trees, which can create hazardous situations for homeowners.

We use cables and brace rods to provide additional support to a tree with weak structure. For example, cables that are installed between branches can help in distributing the load of the tree’s weight more evenly. Brace rods are used to bolt splitting and cracked limbs together and can be a way to preserve and save the tree instead of cutting it down.

The cables we use are extra-high strength cable made of galvanized metal so they will not rust. The typical breaking strength of a cable is 5,000 to 12,000 lbs. depending on the thickness of the cable. These are special cables designed to support your trees. Our brace rods are also made of galvanized metal so they will last in keeping your tree safe. We use only the best hardware for you and your trees! Let us know if you’re concerned about the structure of your tree and we can assess it to see if cabling or bracing is a viable option.