Why Fertilize Trees?

Spring is almost here! We are all looking forward to seeing our magnificent trees and shrubs thrive again and become vigorous. A great way to guarantee that they achieve all their promised potential is through fertilization. Fertilizing trees improves their appearance and helps them be more resilient to the many stressors they will encounter throughout the year.

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Inspect and treat services provide an overall scope into the vitality of your plants.

Forest Trees vs. Urban Trees

Trees and shrubs grow naturally in forests without fertilizer right? If so, why should you spend the money to fertilize the ones in your own yard?

One of the main reasons your trees need fertilizer as well as any tree maintenance for that matter is because of something you may not have considered. People. Human interference causes a lot of stress to urban trees. Construction for example causes major stress for trees. Construction compacts soil, limiting growth potential and disturbing the root system. Precautions can be taken to protect your trees if necessary. Other human interferences such as raking leaves can prevent the soil from replenishing through the decay of plant parts.

Extra Support for Urban Trees

These external factors are not present in forest trees, which is why they are able to grow very well with little assistance. Forest soil is constantly being replenished through plant part decay, which allows for a thriving ecosystem. Not only that but forest trees live in the exact opposite environment compared to urban trees. Forest trees are not constantly being disturbed by construction and other activities of that nature. This is why our urban trees need an added boost when it comes to ensuring their vigor year round and especially when they begin to leaf out in the spring.

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Example of a mature forest tree (left), compared to a planted urban tree (right).

Effective Fertilization Methods

Fertilization can come in many different methods. At Ahlum & Arbor, we feel that liquid deep root fertilization is the most efficient. When we use this method, we are able to add humates to our fertilizer. Humates help bind the fertilizer to the soil and keep it in place for the tree to take up nutrients as needed.

Get Your Trees Looking Healthier

Fertilizing is one of the many treatments that can help your trees thrive. At Ahlum & Arbor we also provide an inspect and treat service. This is an all encompassing assessment on the health of your trees and shrubs. The Arborist will treat what needs to be treated leaving your property in good hands.