Why Hire a Certified Arborist?

The trees in our landscapes enrich our daily lives by providing shade, privacy, beauty and sanctuaries for wildlife that rely on them for food and shelter. They also add value to our properties. Therefore, when one of the prized specimens in your yard begins to look a little less healthy, it’s important to understand why you should always hire a Certified Arborist; especially if you want the tree to be saved!

So what exactly is a Certified Arborist, what are the different levels of certification and why are they the ones you should turn to when your trees are in need? Read on to find out!

An  ISA  Certified  Arborist  has  a  basic  knowledge  of  arboriculture  and  recognition  from  the  International  Society  of  Arboriculture  (ISA).  A  professional  arborist  with  these  credentials  has  a  minimum  of  three  years  of  full-time  experience  working  in  the  tree  industry  or  a  four-year  degree  in  the  field  of  arboriculture,  horticulture,  landscape  architecture,  or  forestry.  The  individual  must  pass  the  rigorous  ISA  examination  on  tree  biology,  pruning,  identification  and  selection,  installation  and  establishment,  diagnosis  and  treatment,  safe  work  practices,  soil  management,  urban  forestry,  tree  protection  and  tree  risk  management.

Every  three  years  the  arborist  must  acquire  30  continuing  education  credits  or  retake  the  exam  to  maintain  their  certification  and  stay  up-to-date  on  arboricultural  practices  and  standards.  Becoming an  ISA  Certified  Arborist  is  a  voluntary  process  through  which  individuals  can  measure  their  knowledge  and  competence  required  to  provide  proper  tree  care.  Certification  is  not  a  measure  of  standards  of  practice.  Certification  can  attest  to  the  tree  knowledge  of  an  individual  but  cannot  guarantee  or  ensure  quality  performance.

An  ISA  Board  Certified  Master  Arborist is  an  elite  specialist  in  the  arboriculture  industry  and  has years  of  experience  and  study  under  their  belt.  The  Board  Certified  Master  Arborist  (BCMA) credential  is  the  highest  level  of  certification  offered  by  ISA.  Every  three  years,  a  Board Certified  Master  Arborist  must  acquire  60  continuing  education  credits.  The  typical  BCMA  has  ten  or more  years  of  expertise  in  the  field.  They  have  matured  well  beyond  the  textbook  and  developed  the  skill  and  craft  needed  to  be  leading  experts  in  the  industry.  As  the  physicians  of  the  tree  world,  they  can  diagnose  health  issues  by  having  a  thorough  understanding  of  tree  biology  and  anatomy.

With  expertise  on  all  matters  related  to  trees,  a  Registered  Consulting  Arborist (a  designation awarded  by  the  American  Society  of  Consulting  Arborists)  is  the  authority  on  the  safety,  health,  structure,  valuation,  and  preservation  of  trees.  Registered  Consulting  Arborists  use  their  extensive  knowledge  and  experience  to  advise  property  owners,  municipalities,  contractors,  attorneys, insurance  professionals,  landscape  architects,  and  other  arborists  on  the  most  important  and  challenging  tree  care  decisions.

Hiring a Certified Arborist to evaluate and diagnose your trees condition from a company like Ahlum & Arbor will give you a piece of mind that your trees are in good hands. If you have a tree or shrub that you are worried might have a pest infestation or disease, give us a call to set up an appointment with one of our knowledgeable ISA Certified Arborists.